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Homebrew Recipes

July 25, 2014 by Rick Morris:

Here are our home brews, complete with step by step instructions and photos.  Separated by home brewing style: partial grain/extract brewing, and all-grain brewing.


Beer Brew 1 - Hubert's Belgium Trippel

This is our second go with this Abbey/Monk-style Tripel.  Since the Belgian Tripel  was the first batch of beer we ever brewed (back in January of this year), it didn't make it on the site because we didn't take photos or track the process with notes. 

Beer Brew 2 - Straw Dog Kolsch

The Kolsch style of beer comes from the German town of Koln (Cologne), where it is written as Koelsch.  This beer is has a yellow straw color.  It is somewhat hoppy, but not as bitter as the typical German pale lager. 

Beer Brew 3 - Blow My Windmill Pilsner

This is a fairly basic and simple brew, in that it contains the four main ingredients of beer: malt, hops, yeast, and water.  It's based on a Heineken-style beer.  We got the ingredients from our favorite local home brew supply store, Asheville Brewers Supply in Asheville, North Carolina.  Heavy on the hops, we expect this brew to be fairly bitter.

Beer Brew 4 - What to Wheat for Dinner

This is our first go at a wheat beer.  Just like every other home brew, we start by sanitizing everything.  And, we of course took the vial of yeast from the fridge so it can get to room temperature.

Beer Brew 5 - Let the Oktoberfestivities Begin

Generally speaking, an Oktoberfest style of beer is a strong pale lager originating in Bavaria, Germany.  It is about 5.8% alcohol by volume.  Traditionally speaking, this beer was brewed in March and allowed to ferment slowing through the summer months.  Remember, there was no mechanical refrigeration back then so dark, cool locations were necessary, as were other methods to keep the beer from going sour.  Of course, Bavaria, with its high elevations, made keeping fermenting beers cool simpler for breweries.

Beer Brew 6 - Belgian Battleground Ale

This is another one of our standard kit beers.  As for the brewing, nothing about this home brew has changed in comparison to our previous five batches.  But, for the sake of brewing correctly, here is the process as performed by us.  Sanitation is the number one priority.  Everything got a sterilizing bath in the One Step sanitizing solution.  This is a task we perform religiously!

Beer Brew 7 - Pablo's Kolsch

This homebrew has a Mexican twist on the popular German Kolsch beer.  It's pretty much our Strawdog Kolsch recipe with the addition of several spices, pepper, and lemon zest.  It also represents our first attempt at straying from the kit recipes.  Honestly, we really didn't read up on how to go about adding spices or fruit to our homebrew.  So, we were pretty much guessing at how to do it.  This seemed more fun anyway!  I'm sure we'll learn something in the process.

Beer Brew 8 - Belgian Golden Ale

We have previously brewed two types of beer in the spirit of Belgium: Hubert's Belgium Trippel, and a recent batch of Belgian Battleground Ale.  Both of those were strong pale ales.  But, this Belgian Ale should see an abv of about 5.5 % and be less bodied.  We were looking for a beer that was typical of an average beer you would get in a bar or cafe in downtown Brussels.  Not strong like a Duvel or Trappist Tripel, but more like an everyday beer such as Stella Artois, but with slightly more body.

Beer Brew 9 - Ichabod's Cranium Pumpkin Beer

This our first Pumpkin Beer.  We based it on a standard English Ale recipe.  After sanitizing everything we heated 2 gallons of filtered water from our fridge dispenser and added the 2 cans of pumpkin.  Make sure you don't get pumpkin pie mix!  Use pure pumpkin.  Check the ingredients on the back of the can.  A 45-minute full boil ensued before it was removed from the heat.

Beer Brew 10 - Appalachian Pale Ale (OAPA)

So, we are finally going to stray away from the kits with this home brew beer.  After discovering exactly what an IPA (India Pale Ale) is, we decided to clone this beer after our favorite in the style, a Natty Greene's Southern Pale Ale.  Clearly, we are not going to get it exactly like Natty Greene's, but we expect to come close.  And, we are taking it a step further, with a very bold proclamation.  With this home brew, we are coining the term "Original Appalachian Pale Ale" or APA for the first time.  The main difference coming from the water, of course, which is supplied by the upper Pigeon River/Little East Fork branch (coming off Cold Mountain) in Cruso/Canton North Carolina).  The types and amounts of hops, as well as the grains used, also play a role.

Beer Brew 11 - Appalachian Pale Ale 2 (OAPA)

Here we go with our second attempt at this brew.  We wanted to increase the hoppiness and lighten the color on this one.  As you can see from our first attempt at an Original Appalachian Pale Ale, we used a 50/50 blend of crushed grain (Crystal 45 and Vienna).  This one differs slightly.  Also, we are adding a third ounce of hops, as opposed to the 2 ounces of hops in the first batch.  And, we lightened up the malt extracts, going with a Pilsen Light and Golden Light combination.

Beer Brew 12 - It's Good to be American Pale Ale

After a year of brewing mostly European beers (Belgium Tripels, Oktoberfestbier, Pilsner, Kolsch, etc.) we decided it was time to have a go at a good ole American Pale Ale.  It's a very simple homebrew, with about 6 pounds of malt extract.  The Nugget hops are for bittering, followed by flavorful Cascade hops.

Beer Brew 13 - Another Munich Beer Tent Brau

So, this is our second Oktoberfestbier.  With the exception of using different hops (German Tradition and a higher AA Tettnang), this is pretty much the same recipe as our Let the Oktoberfestivities Begin homebrew.

Beer Brew 14 - Up Under Australian Lager

This is our first attempt at an extract-based Australian Lager.  It will also represent our first go at dry-hopping a homebrew.  We plan to add the New Zealand Motueka aroma hop pellets to the secondary, where they will steep for 7  - 10 days during secondary fermentation.

Beer Brew 15 - Monks Gone A Rye Ale

Talk about "firsts".  We have four of them with this home brew!  This represents our first attempt at a rye beer.  This rye beer homebrew recipe calls for a nice selection of Centennial bittering hops during the brew, and a healthy addition of Amarillo aroma hops for the secondary.  Next, this batch represents our first attempt at pitching dry yeast (Fermentis dry ale yeast).  Thirdly, it will be the first time we use a wort chiller.

Beer Brew 16 - Trouble With Belgian Dubbel

The brewing process was pretty much the same as the previous 15 batches of home brewed beer.  Except this time, we introduced a different sanitizer: Idophor.  We started by filling our 6-gallon carboy with water and two cap fulls of Idophor.



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