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South Carolina Homebrew Supply Stores

Find a Home Brew Supplies Store in South Carolina...

Grape and Grains

Grape and Grains carries a full supply of grains, dry and liquid extracts, yeast, hops for any beer recipe you can dream up and we have the time to personally work with you to achieve that perfect brew you've always desired. We offer a wide variety of homebrewing equipment and can order most anything that will fit your brewing needs. We have also recently started adding kegging supplies to our inventory for your convenience.


Thomas Creek Beer

We have the Upstate’s best full-service homebrew shop right here at the brewery. We offer a wide selection of beer and wine making kits and supplies.  Equipment kits, Ingredient kits, Malted and flaked grains, Grain milling, Hop pellet varieties, Liquid and dry yeast, Bottles, Chemicals, and Draft equipment and fittings.


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