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How to Make Your Own Home Brewing Mash Tun

July 26, 2014 by Rick Morris

A mash tun is a vessel, such as an ordinary drink cooler converted for mashing, that is used for heating grains in water to create a "liquor" rich with sugars.  It is these sugars that are converted to alcohol during the brewing process.  The grains a home brewer typically uses are malted barley, but others can be used - such as wheat, corn, oats, and rye.

New home brewers usually start brewing beer by using kits.  These kits come with malt extract (dry or liquid).  As such, there is no need for a mash tun; the sugars have already been converted from the grains. 

Experienced home brewers almost always use the "all-grain" method, whereby a mash tun is required.  Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a shiny, stainless steel mash tun used by craft brewers, the home brewer requires something much smaller, and much less expensive.  That's why you always see those orange coolers in the brew supplies store... you know, those round "drink coolers" used by construction workers. 

These drink coolers are modified to accept a straining system, allowing the heated "tea" to be released while the grains remain in the container.  It is this sugary tea that is boiled during the brewing process.  Voila!  An inexpensive mash tun!

Although you can purchase one of these ready-made mash tuns for a $150 or more, you can also make one yourself - usually for about $75.  And, that's what this video is going to present.  Learn how to make your own mash tun for brewing beer at home.


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