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Homebrewing Resources

July 25, 2014 by Rick Morris:

Here are websites specific to the home brewing hobby that we recommend...

Created on behalf of U.S. craft brewers to celebrate the best of American beer.  When visiting you can expect to learn about all aspects of the amazing craft-brewed beer from today’s small U.S. producers. Not just how to better enjoy the beverage in your glass, but about the individuals and processes behind your beer.

Brewer's Association

The Brewers Association is an organization of brewers, for brewers and by brewers. More than 1,400 US brewery members and 30,000 members of the American Homebrewers Association are joined by members of the allied trade, beer wholesalers, individuals, other associate members and the Brewers Association staff to make up the Brewers Association.

Interesting website with articles for both the basic and advanced brewer.  A nice selection of beer recipes for the home brewing enthusiast, including Belgian Ales, Amber Ales, Brown Ales, Fruit/Spice Ales (including a nice Pumpkin Beer), Lagers, Scottish Ales, Stouts, and Wheat Beers.

This is a global network of beer professionals (well, they know their beer) dedicated to the advancement of beer.  Their goal is to Wake the masses to better beer options, give beer consumers a voice, empower them to learn, share, and advocate, rally to support the beer industry, and put the respect back into beer.  Learn about virtually every beer, read reviews and get ratings.

What a home brew cave should look like, and plenty of information on brewing all-grain, especially 20-gallon batches.  Instructions on building a brew station.  Good site, with lots of images and info.  You are going to love the "Bierkeller"!



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