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About Two Monks Brewing

July 25, 2014 by Rick Morris:

Two Monks Brewing is nothing more than a home-based "personal use" brew club.  Total value, according to the SEC, is about $1,000, including all equipment!  Current members are Rick Morris and Levi Heatherly. 

Having spent half his career with the Army in Europe, Rick became accustomed to quality beer beginning at the young age of 18.  Living in the Netherlands, Germany, and other European countries, Rick discovered the many styles and traditions of quality beer from across the pond.  He learned each town or village had its own beer, and a particular type of glass from which to drink it.  He discovered the Trappist Monk style of brewing while in Holland, and the Kolsch and Pilsner styles while in Germany.  Many a day (or evening) was spent in some bar, tavern, or gasthaus locked arm-in-arm with a frolicking group of local elderly drunkards singing some old sailing song.  Rick claims this is how he first learned the local languages!  Many a beer game was played.  And, many a friend was made.

Rick's Dutch father-in-law imparted information and culture about a different beer almost every time they sat before a cheese-salami board (which was dozens of times over 5 years).  Whether it was a Wikuler, Bitburger, or Warsteiner from Germany... or a Heineken, Brand, or Oranjeboom from Holland... there always seemed to be plenty flowing - both beer and knowledge (stories and tall tales)!

"We are two friends who share a thirst for quality, home-brewed beer."

After his military career, Rick returned to North Carolina.  Several years later, he began talking with Levi about quality beer after they discovered their local super market stocked a number of European, Japanese, Chinese, and other imported and craft beers.  Soon, both were discussing and researching information about each type of beer.  One of the first beer rules Rick disclosed to Levi was the German Purity Law (Rheinheitsgebot), which states that beer must be brewed using only malts, hops, yeast and water.  All four ingredients are typical of home brews and micro-brews.

He also told Levi the story of the beer-drinking mule.  It goes something like this...

"I recall one of my first evenings in the Netherlands.  A young 18-year-old, I hadn't traveled farther than Disney World in Florida prior to this.  I was in a tavern, called the Lakeside - better known as Harry's Bar - and was drinking my first Brand bier.  I noticed a drawing on the wall that showed a mule drinking from a barrel of Heineken.  At the same time, the mule was pissing in a half-barrel of Budweiser!  After a few months enjoying European beers, I often reflected to the image of that mule, clearly realizing its significance."

So, in January, 2012 the two decided to start brewing beer at home.  They also set up this website to keep track of their beers and associated home brewing processes, as well as to provide insight to people like you who are either beginning to brew their own beer at home, or are just interested in how others brew beer.

They are by no means considered experts... yet.  As they have brewed less than 2 dozen batches of homebrew by May 2013 (extract kits), don't expect them to know everything  needed to know about brewing beer at home.  Surely, there are plenty of other websites out there that can provide expert knowledge on the subject.

What this website can offer, however is genuine, raw knowledge... from the newbie stage until they do consider themselves experts. 

Anyone Can Brew Beer at Home

As Rick and Levi have recently discovered, anyone can brew beer.  But, if you're going to invest the $100 or so to get a basic equipment and recipe kit, then you'll want to take care in ensuring that your first batch is brewed correctly.

This website will be updated with each new batch brewed, and add to the content as time permits.  So, follow along with Two Monks Brewing Club as they continue their beer brewing journey (which started in January 2012).

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